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With positive guidance and inspiration this experience will reconfigure your behaviors, patterns and beliefs towards fitness, nutrition & supplementation, connecting your body and mind on a 30 day journey of self-discovery

"What I respect about Harmonie and her plan is that she is more concerned about creating healthy lifetime patterns than looking for a quick fix.
She wants people to feel as good as they want to look, inside out and outside in."

Lauren Adelman,
Creator of Human Revolution Clothing

Belief systems are our internal representation of the world we live in or what is call "reality". Beliefs related to our identity are a determinant factor to body and mind transformation. As well as compulsive behaviors related to eating disorders.

3 Meetings

Before starting, at your 30 day mark and again at 60 days we will meet virtually and personalize your MOD/bod Plan.


Our fun interactive Facebook group has new inspiring posts daily. Motivation for fitness and tons of great accountability partners.

Monthly Zoom

Once a month you are invited to attend a health, fittness, wellness talk with guest speakers and Q&A segment. These are fun for everyone.


Represent your purpose and passion by wearing the cute MOD/bod tees, hats and tanks for your workouts! Post selfies wearing them to win a prize.

Phase 1: Fresh Start (Day 1 - 30)

  • Personalized Supplement Analasys

  • Shopping List 

  • Daily Meal Plan

  • Measurements & Before Photos

  • Custom Workout Program  

  • Healthy Recipes

  • Daily Inspiration, Motivation and Support

Phase 2: Personalized Maintenance (Day 31-90)

  • ​Recognition of Limiting Beliefs

  • Creating New Patterns

  • Eliminating Cravings (Sugar & Salt)

  • Increasing Metabolism

  • Details for 3 Day Re-fresh

  • Intestinal Flora Health Improvement

  • Custom Workout Program for continued success