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Harmonie & Renan Hernandez

Welcome to HarmonieHernandez.com!

Harmonie began studying dance in Detroit at 18 months old. Her passion for ballet and ballroom dance led her to NYC nd Philadelphia. Where she danced for a ballet company and also competed in Latin style Ballroom dance.


Her love of cooking and studying how proper nutrition can affect your performance and appearance, became the base of her health and wellness concept, concentrating on balance and treating your body as the furnace it is by fueling it with delicious nutritious foods. 

Renan began studying NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) right out of high school in, Brazil where he completed his Master-Practitioner certification at PAHC.


His passion for the brain and how it works and his generous, kind spirit led him to continue studies at NLPU in Santa Cruz, CA. Where he became certified as an NLP trainer so that he could not only know and live by the information he was learning but also share it with others.

Renan and Harmonie Hernandez have created a Mind and Body Online Transformation Challenge that is truly revolutionary!


By imparting techniques that they have developed utilizing a mental and physical connection, you will soar to new heights in your personal challenge! 

Fusion of fitness, nutrition and neurolinguistics techniques to elevate the soul and transform the body to its peak physical form! 

We will experience deep tissue musculature and develop all the tiny muscles that defy gravity to create the ultimate toned physique.

I look forward to you joining the experience!

Renan and Harmonie got married in 2014 on the Beautiful island of Kauai, where they live an active lifestyle. In this incredible new project they have also married their beliefs to create a unique approach to health and wellness!