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30 Day MOD/bod Fresh Start

Your first 30 day plan with everything you need to start your journey

MOD/bod Personalized Maintenance

reached your goal? Maintain and stay on  point long term


Your favorite foods fit into the MOD/bod plan and this easy to follow cookbook will help you to make nutritious and delicious meals the whole family will enjoy

3 Day MOD/bod Refresh

Pre holiday, pre wedding, pre (or post) vacay, before family pics...whenever you need a boost

Tips for Skin and Hair Nutrition

Glowing skin and luxurious locks come from the inside out. Learn my favorite foods and DIY treatments for healthy hair, skin and nails. Reverse aging? Yes please

Shopping List

From Pantry items to the best farmers market fare, this list will make stocking your home with MOD/bod approved food a breeze. Lets go shopping