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Want To See Results Today?

You have been working out for a long time? Are you a fitness buff? So why have you stopped seeing results? Could you have hit a plateau? Maybe it's time for a little wake up call! There are things you can do today to see results and get closer to those fitness goals you are striving for!

#1 Check your form

HIIT (high intensity interval training), going heavier with weights and upping the pace when running, swimming or biking are all great ways to get results, but only if you are doing them with proper form!

The goal is to intensify your work without injuring yourself. Don't compromise form to get in that last rep. Stay strong and consistent and you will gain strength in no time!

#2 Bring on the sunshine

Sunlight not only boosts energy and improves mood, it also helps lower our BMI (Body Mass Index) according to new research. WooHoo!!

Wake up with the sun and feel its instant natural rejuvenation. Sun rebalances your metabolism and helps your body to torch fat while you sleep!

#3 Protein

Protein is a must for weight loss and overall good health. It will help minimize cravings and up your energy level. Add protein at every meal and watch your waistline shrink!

#4 Drink water

H20 is weight loss best friend! Stay hydrated all day. Water flushes toxins from your system and helps eliminate belly bloat and fat. Remember to drink water always before eating, you may really be thirsty and not as hungry as you thought you were!

#5 Cook your own food

It seems like a convenience to buy pre-packaged grab and go food items, but unfortunately even if they look uber healthy, they are probably filled with sugar, saturated fat and preservatives that could be affecting your results big time! Pack healthy snacks that are simple and easy and your body will thank you! Eating healthy snacks throughout the day will also help curb late night cravings and binge eating.

#6 Slacking off

You are working out, thats enough right? Nope! Don't become too relaxed. Steady gains are the goal. Try to beat the pace or level you worked out at last week. The more you challenge yourself, the better your results will be.

#7 Focus A.K.A. "eye of the tiger"

Get in the zone and stay focused on your goals. Try to leave your worries at the door and concentrate on your fitness when you are training.

#8 Get enough sleep

Easy to say, hard to do right? Sleeping is one of the best things you can do for your health and will help you slim down. Studies show that people who don't get enough sleep tend to have an increased appetite and binge eat more often. Just saying.

#9 Don't get too comfy

Its great that you love your routine, just make sure to mix it up now and then. Add in something new every few weeks, this will keep your muscles and brain working and guessing and it will prevent plateaus. Keep it diverse and make little changes like alternating from strength (low and slow) to fast twitch plyometric moves. Always remember to breathe when you are working out too, this will greatly improve core strength and endurance!

#10 Stay positive

Keep your attitude positive all day, fuel yourself with healthy delicious foods and take time to digest them. Don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your day and you will get the most out of your workout! Stress and negativity can cause disruptions in our digestive help and put a damper on reaching or even setting your personal goals. Love yourself!

Hopefully these tips will be helpful in your journey. Have fun. I wish you all the best!