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Glute Sculpting Secrets, Part 1: Squats

Lets talk about squats. Tried and true bootifying favorite, but are you getting the most out of your squats? Here are a few ways to perfect......or.......perk up your squat routine!

1. Drop it low, ok got that, proper alignment of knees over ankles, check. Chest lifted, toes twinkling, weight in heels, check check check! So what else is there? The rise from bottom up! You must squeeze from the bottom to the top, both sides of the derriere as if your life depended on it! This will ensure you are getting every inch of effort out of that squat.

2. Add pulses at the bottom (lowest point in proper alignment). Get low and then pulse...until the cows come home!

3. Add plyometric jumps and hops to not only raise your heart rate and put you in that burning furnace mode, but also to strengthen your quick twitch muscles. Plyometric movements are very important in sculpting a round butt and work best when paired with low slow squat sets.

4. Change it up! Pliè squats for more inner thigh and gluteus minimus, sumo squat to get low, narrow squats to challenge balance, core and form, neutral, suitcase and my favorite the "drop it like its hot squat" which we do regularly as a pyramid series in my I Burn class! The list goes on and on, but the point is to keep changing it up and working from different angles.

5. Challenge yourself, dig deeper, squat lower and reap that perky peachy bum bum!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Ballet booty and the "Dancers Dent"