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Glute Sculpting Secrets Part 2: #Dancersdent

"Hashtag Dancers Dent" This is one of my favorite phrases to yell out for inspiration/motivation as we are burning through the last killer 20 minutes of my I Burn class! So what exactly is it? Why do i want it? HOW DO I GET IT?!!!

Simply put it is the shape your glutes have from the side angle when the gluteus medius is properly WuRkEd ;)

Just like highlight and contour in makeup, a sculpted dancers dent will give your bumbum more definition and shape.

We get it in a number of ways, some of my favorites are...

1. Standing glute squeezes

-Stand with a long spine and deeply tucked under glutes, extend one leg behind you (still on the floor) and then out to the side at a 45 degree angle. Tuck again. Now lift that working leg just a few inches off of the floor (thats all it will move if you are tucked enough) return to the floor and repeat 20 times. Hold at the top for a 20 count pulse. Repeat on other side.

2. Curtsy lunges

-Start in a traditional reverse lunge, now direct your back leg about 2 feet across so that you are in a curtsy position. Lunge low and slow squeezing the inner thighs together (*BONUS*) and square your hips to face front. Repeat this up and down movement 15 times and then hold at your lowest point for a 30 second pulse. Add weights in your hands as you gain strength.

3. Pretzel

- Seated on the floor with one leg in front and one leg behind, both legs bent. Front leg at 90 degrees, back leg at 45 degrees. Tilt upper body just slightly toward the outside of front leg and support yourself with the same hand as leg you have in front. Use your other hand to press down and square off back leg and hip. Now lift that back leg off the floor (easier said than done) Grit your teeth, put on a good song and a happy face and keep lifting in one inch up and down motions. take a balance when you absolutely cannot lift anymore by holding both hands in prayer position for 10 seconds ( again, sounds easy but its not!) Advanced seated pretzel should last about 4 minutes per leg :) Make sure to strech the side body to avoid cramping after you complete one leg.

These are just a few from my arsenal! Over the next few months I will be doing a "Move of the Day" and I will share some more secrets for an on point #dancersdent

Up Next, Part 3. Elevation = Stepping Up and Bridges