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Cinco De Mayo!!!

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, I share with you the recipe for my specialty of the house: Shaka-Molè!

We are lucky to have the most bountiful and beautiful, creamy, buttery, giant avocados so believe me when I say, we use them for everything from sauces to desserts. Our favorite by far though is the luscious, tangy and spicy Guacamole known lovingly by friends and family as Shaka-Molè!

The key here is fresh organic ingredients and of course ripe avocados!

How to check for ripeness - avocado should be firm but not hard, if you press on the narrow tip of it the skin should press in and then spring back out leaving a hollow space where you pressed.

First Chop:

-1/2 cup fresh Cilantro

-1 large jalapeño

-8 grape or cherry tomatoes (I do not always add these but lately they have been great)

-2 garlic cloves minced with a dash of sea salt to release flavor

-1/2 red onion

Then add:

-4 avocados

-juice of two or three limes (to taste and juicy-ness)

-Salt and Pepper to taste

*note* save the seed of one avocado and add to finished guacamole bowl to preserve freshness and green color.


Mash all ingredients together with a fork, leave a few lumps for texture. refrigerate or serve immediately with hot chips, warm tortillas or crunchy veggies!

Don't be suprised when the Shaka-Molè dissapears!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, and make sure to dance a salsa or two for exercise!!

I will be serving this with grilled veggies, green plantain tortillas and a spicy black bean salad! Let me know if you are interested in seeing a post on any of those recipes! Happiness to me is dancing, cooking, spending time with loved ones and truly embracing everyday and every excuse to fiesta!!!