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More Energy Now!

Having a sluggish day? Week?? Month??? Year???? Sometimes life can become so busy and stressful that we forget to take the time to do the things we love, but by doing those things maybe we could eliminate the stress and replace it with joy?

We can make a few small changes to improve our energy level exponentially!

1. Start your metabolism revving upon waking with a healthy balanced meal combining energy (carbs) such as oatmeal with healthy protein (fuel) such as eggs or flax.

2. Continue with that metabolic boost by getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity (walking, running, yoga, exercise class, swimming, surfing etc.) first thing in the morning.

3. Eat many small balanced meals throughout the day using the concept that carbs create energy, so only take them in when you are going to utilize them as such.

4. Stay away from foods thats cause bloating, sluggishness and "crashes" namely Salt and Sugar. Instead try to munch on seeds, raw nuts, raw veggies and some fruit throughout the day. balance is key.

5. Plan a workout with a friend or loved one. It will be more fun, and your workout partner will hold you accountable on those days you would rather curl up on the couch. You will both feel better and more energized for it and your bond will be even stronger!

6. Green Tea sipped throughout the day is a nice mellow way to keep energy levels balanced while getting in your antioxidants!

7. Get enough sleep. Shoot for 8 hours if at all possible.

8. Breathe! I know sounds simple right? sometimes we forget this simple task and start taking short breaths which takes more energy and can put stress on your body especially the neck and shoulders.

9. Find your happy place and spend quality time there weekly in not daily! Maybe its a tranquil swim in the ocean or a relaxing bath. Take that moment of down time and it will in turn help you to have more energy when you want it.

10. My number one tip is to re-set your mind, believe you have energy and you will! The brain is your most powerful asset treat it as such :)

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