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Curb CRAVINGS and FUEL your BODY the healthy way!

Why do we crave certain foods? Believe it or not there is a science to it!

What we really are craving or desire is something (vitamin or mineral) that our bodies may be lacking.

This little helpful guide will allow you to understand what your body is missing so you can properly fuel it with the best and healthiest foods!

CRAVING: Pasta/bread

Craving bread and pasta could mean you are lacking chromium! You can get chromium from eggs and avocado. Try making an egg baked right inside the avocado!

LACKING: Chromium

TRY: Avocado and Egg

CRAVING: Cheese/Dairy

LACKING: Calcium/Fatty Acids

TRY: Kale and Flax Seeds

CRAVING: Sugary Foods

LACKING: Tryptophan, sulphur, phosphorus

Try: Spirulina, sweet potato

Make a smoothie with, lemon, apple, sweet potato, spirulina, almond milk and spinach


LACKING: Nitrogen

TRY: Pulses and grains

Quinoa and Tabbouleh are great choices for fuel.

CRAVING: Fizzy Drinks

LACKING: Calcium

TRY: Almond milk

CRAVING: Popcorn

LACKING: A fluctuation of stress hormones

TRY: Spinach and lean meats

Try these food swaps and let me know how it works for YOU!

If you are interested in more this not that, let me know! ! !

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