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Roll Roll Roll Your Bloat...

Did you know that foam rolling daily can:

-Increase blood flow and circulation to muscles allowing them to work harder and perform better

-Lengthen and create leaner muscles by breaking down fascia that has become bulky

-Reduce bloating

-Eliminate that thick look where you may have ad fascia built up

-Make you appear taller and more graceful

-Reduce cellulite and slim thighs

-Smooth out heavy muscles

Rolling out your fascia (also called connective tissue) is a great way to eliminate toxins and create longer, slimmer and more sculpted looking muscles. Fascia is very malleable and with rolling you can actually re-define the way your muscles look!

Think of how a dancer will stretch stretch stretch, dance and then stretch some more. The method is to lengthen, burn and then when the muscle is hot, lengthen again. This is how I recommend foam rolling.

It can be done simply in 10 minutes a day. Best when gently used for five minutes pre exercise to ignite the flow of blood and oxygen to muscles and then again for five minutes post exercise to elongate and slim while you are warm allowing you to get deeper. Foam rolling can also be incorporated into the "main course" of your workout in plank, hip bridges, pilates based ab moves and numerous other body weight inspired movements.

If you do not have a foam roller I encourage you to try it out!

I've compiled here are a few tips and exercises to help you get rolling!

1st. Choose a roller that is comfortable for you. I prefer medium density foam, some prefer firm or extra firm rollers. Its a matter of personal preference. Strive for the feeling of a pleasant deep tissue massage. Rolling should not be painful.

There are many brands out there, ultimately you should choose the one that is right for you.

Some great places to start rolling would be:

I also highly recommend reading anything written by author Lauren Roxburgh. Taller,Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days To A Foam Roller Physique is the title of her best-selling book.

You can also read her articles on GooP (my FAVE source for everything!) and see full instructional foam rolling videos on her Youtube Channel. Love you Lauren!!!


Enjoy and get rolling my friends!

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