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My Secret For Fuller Bouncier Curls!

You girls have been asking me for it so here it is! Get bouncy sassy curls that hold even in the humidity with my secret weapon...Dry shampoo! Ok Ok before you roll your eyes about the fact that dry shampoo is yesterdays news, read on. This is not just any dry shampoo, this is a miraculous one, this one is made from one pure and simple miracle ingredient, this dry shampoo is the only styling product you will need to get hair to stay full and bouncy on a 100 degree 100% humidity day! Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Drumroll please...

bum bum bum

bum bum



the miracle product for hair is...

"Diatomaceous Earth" Yep, say that three times fast! Di-A-To-Ma-ceous Earth

is defined as a soft, powdery, porous sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms.

There are many great uses for DE, my favorites being its high silica content which helps your hair grow thicker and stronger when taken internally (also great for nails and skin).

I take a Tablespoon of DE per day combined with a tablespoon of powdered collagen blended into my almond milk, spinach and antioxidant berry smoothie . Silica and collagen are the perfect partnership for healthy hair, skin and nails.

So how did i start using DE as a dry shampoo??? It was by a complete and total accident! I would love to say that I came up with a hypothesis based on its porosity levels and molecular structure, but the truth is just not so.

What really happened you ask? Well, about 3 years ago I broke my ankle.

I had to figure out how to make my hair look pretty after laying in bed all day doing pilates core and glute moves via Pop Pilates YouTube Videos and decorating my cast without being able to take a shower by myself.

My amazing, sweet, wonderful, loving husband (boyfriend at the time) was taking such good care of me, cooking and doing everything around the house. I just wanted to look fresh and feel good when he came home from work everyday.

I needed dry shampoo! Did I mention I could not drive? Yep, tried to take the bus to good ol Longs Drugstore one day but that was a disaster!

Must make the perfect dry shampoo...must make perfect dry shampoo...that was my mantra.

I tried all the pinterest advice, from cornstarch to arrowroot powder, rice flour to cocoa powder. They all did about the same thing, absorbed oil (which was good) but it just was not enough.

No, you see I was after that amazing life of its own volumizing effect of the great dry shampoos I knew and loved in NYC When I was working with top of the line hair care products at Butterfly Studio Salon. Now, I am not saying the products we buy are bad, but if I can make my own and know exactly what is in it thats a huge bonus for me! I was about to give in and stick with the rice flour because it did the trick of making my hair look fresh until one day when I was applying DE to our dogs coat to keep pests away ( yes DE is also a powerful organic anti pest anti parasite treatment) and i realized his coat had that feeling i was after, almost a tacky feeling but still dry and not heavy at all. I went for it and tried a little on my part line. Then more and more until my hair had doubled in size and was feeling so ready for a good curl I could not help

DE under a microscope. Very porous cylinders.

but give it a whirl... errr.... twirl :) And to my shock it did so much more than any other dry shampoo I had tried before. Middle of August, cast up to my knee, no AC, 100% humidity and my curls were holding!!!

I have since then used it anytime I really want my curls to last ( like my wedding day).

This is a must try ladies! Simply apply with a large makeup brush from roots to ends on dirty or silky clean hair, curl ( if your hair is long, heavy and silkier texture like mine, use a small barrel curling iron and pin in place to cool for even more holding power), add a little more in hands and crunch into cooled curls and voila!

I love how it gives me natural looking hold without looking sprayed or stuck in place, its touchable and transparent when worked into hair evenly (matches any color). Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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