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Top 5 Tips To Optimize Your Workout

Ever feel like maybe you could be getting more out of your work out? Even if you only have 20 minutes, with these tips you can maximize your routine workout and start seeing results like never before!

1. Fuel and Hydrate

Wether you are working out morning, afternoon or evening (or all three) it is of utmost importance to be running like a well oiled machine! Everybody and every BODY is different so pay close attention to what you eat on the days you feel the best during your workouts and the times you eat before working out.

As a general rule I would stick to a small portion of carbs (like oatmeal or sweet potato) and about 3 oz of protein (plant or animal, your choice) an hour to an hour and a half before workouts. Drink a full 12 oz of water with your meal and sip water before, during and after your workout. I also find it helpful to sip electrolytes or bcaas during my workout to enhance my recovery process.

After workout you want to consume watery veggies and more protein in a ratio of 75% veggies, 25 % protein! This can be eaten in the form of smoothie or salad.

Now your body is a metabolic miracle worker!!!

2. Mentally Prepare

"Check out" from other responsibilities if at all possible during workouts. That means, no phone, going over your "to-do" list in your head. Using your workout to benefit you. Be a little selfish and concentrate fully on your mind/body connection.

3. Get Suited Up

Something really great happens when your outfit fits well and you feel amazing in it! You will get a little extra pep in your step! Find wat makes you feel good, maybe its a torn up tee and weigted gloves to feel bad a$$ for kickboxing or legwarmers and a one piece to feel long and lean for barre. It really does make a difference, give it a try!

4. The Eye of the Tiger

We all know the song right? Get into that mindset! Allow yourself to control your actions and push past 80% (where most of us give in to negative thoughts) give it your 100% maximum effort and get the most out of even an ultra short sweat sesh!

5.Do Not Skip Stretching

I know, you came you pushed you sweat... the music comes down and the lights come up, all of a sudden that grocery list is running around in your head and it seems more urgent to leave NOW! Please give your body a moment to release and stretch, it ultimately will give you better results by promoting lengthening of muscles and elimination of tension preventing injuries! No injuries = better workouts=better results!

Now, go get em tiger!!!