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My Top 5 Fall Workout Tips *hint* (they may not be what you are expecting)

Tip #1

Ok, this one is pretty #basic but so so satisfying if you are like me and crave the PSL from September until Santa comes to town! Try this for realz!!! Before your workout take a hot cup of Joe, put it in your blender, add a scoop of Pumpkin Spice Lean Shake, 1 TBSP MCT oil, 1 tsp grass fed butter, blend until frothy and soooo delicious for a protein balanced macro fat bomb to have you babes feeling LIT for HIIT!!

Tip #2

Beauty and the #beastmode ! Try applying your favorite hair oil ( I love #gisou ) before wrapping your tresses in a bun. Concentrate the oil on the ends of the ponytail. Workout, shower, style and marvel in the shine your hair will exude after a steamy sweat sesh!

Tip #3

Change up your routine not just one time but 7 times! that is how many tries it will take to see if you (and your body) really jive with a new class or workout style.

Tip #4

6 days a week 20 minute Tabata style workouts are what we are all about in the MOD/bod tribe and with good reason! Dynamic Hiit workouts delivering an anaerobic punch will give you the fastest results in the shortest amount of time! *Bonus* When you keep doing them over time, you will develop better heart conditioning and endurance as well as more aesthetic muscle composition.

Tip #5

Tell a friend or family member and share the love of workouts or other healthy things you are doing to stay on top of your game this holiday season. Depression is very real and releasing feel good endorphins could be just what that friend or family member needs (even if they don't know it yet)!

Now go get em tigers!