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Why Supplement?

Supplements provide amazing antioxidants that we cannot get from our food alone! Antioxidants slow the production of free radicals and can help to slow the aging process. Plexus supplements when combined with a healthy lifestyle will strengthen cellular regeneration and reneral. Boosting your immunity and making you feel healthy and strong.


The dream team A.K.A the Triplex is the best way to get amazing results quickly and maintain them for the long haul with MOD/bod! The science behind why is very simple and straightforward-Probio5 is an incredible blend that along with Biocleanse will gently ease the buildup out of your colon and oxygenate your blood which will help your body process "life" (eating, sleeping, working,stress, joy, and pretty much anything that can spike cortisol levels).  

How it helps you

When combined with Slim our "pink drink" fasting will be a breeze and we won't have those mid-day crashes that cause over eating and binge eating. Balanced hormones, better energy, easier digestion, better sleep + overall better health and a happier life!

What Else

For rapid fat burning in the stubborn areas like the belly, hips and thighs, I highly reccomend adding Metaburn Fat Burner into your regime! this will incinerate the fat while boosting your mood and your workouts!

MegaX plant based (from the ahi flower) omega and Xfactor Plus Multi vitamin/mineral with polyphenols will cover the rest of your nutritional and hormonal needs.

Personalized Maintenance Program

Upon completing your first 21 days on MOD/bod, we will work together to customize a plan for the upcoming months that will fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. We may also look into a carb blocker such as Balance an meal replacement shakes to help you achieve optimal results with minimal sacrifice!